What workshops do we offer?

  • Improving Emotional Intelligence
  • Engaging Conflict Effectively
  • Leading Change
  • Leveraging Differences
  • Building the Leadership Bench

Improving Emotional Intelligence

In today’s ever connected workplace, the ability to work effectively in relationship with others is a critical success factor. Studies show that this matters more than technical expertise or IQ.  Develop a better understanding of the components of emotional intelligence and why it is important. Increase your self-awareness on what triggers you and others you work with into their stress response of flight, fight or freeze and some of the brain science behind why humans behave the way they do.  Explore ways to use EI to improve trust, delegate more effectively, create stronger teams, and enjoy all relationships more.

Engaging Conflict Effectively

Uncover your tendencies in conflict situations including which approaches you may use too often and which you may use too seldom. Explore how to select a approach under a wide variety of contexts with a focus on what skills/behaviors best support each conflict situation.

Leading Change

We are constantly bombarded with the message that change is inevitable and change is the only constant. Fortunately or unfortunately there is truth in these statements. We all know that change in the best of circumstances can be challenging. Organizational systems and human systems are inherently tuned to maintain their equilibrium and since change will upset this balance the natural tendency is to self protect by avoiding the change. We have all been part of a change that we thought was wonderful and a change that we thought was disastrous.

Envision your employees knowing when it is okay to feel a temporary loss of equilibrium while staying motivated to deliver the change and knowing when their concerns indicate a risk that could be too big to overcome. Manage your change so that you rake in maximum benefits.

Leveraging Differences

Understand and leverage your natural strengths and determine how to better leverage the strengths of others. Improve your ability to detect when your strengths are being over-used so that you can make appropriate adjustments.  Learn to communicate to others in the style and manner that works best for them to improve relationships and ability to work most productively.

Building the Leadership Bench

Imagine the impact of having a robust foundation of leadership across your organization.  If everyone had a good grasp of their unique leadership attributes and where they can best apply their strengths as well as how they can best leverage the strengths of others, the positive ripples would reach far and wide.  We help experienced leaders and emerging leaders better understand and exhibit the dynamics and behaviors of strong leadership.


  • You are a high quality, value-added, effective coach!

  • This is her calling - it is what she was built to do.  I would not be where I am without her!

  • As a coachee, I am in awe of the art of coaching and I don't feel anything could have been better in the coaching I received.

  • The coaching experience was more than I expected it to be - so valuable.

  • She is the only coach for me!  I felt like every need was met, even those I didn't know I had.

  • I am very grateful for the coaching and support Rebecca provided to me.


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